PRIVACY POLICY adheres to the principles of confidentiality. We very seriously concerns confidentiality questions. The policy of confidentiality is applicable to all affiliated sites, to products and services given by us.

We offer a number of the goods which are not demanding registration of an account. For granting of a high-grade spectrum of services to us the information of following types can be demanded:

Given payments - the Data on which the goods order in our shop (numbers of accounts, number of payment, number generated ID the goods, order date, an order condition, IP address the customer, an e-mail of the customer, issued system personal premium a key) has been carried out.

The information given by you - when you get the goods, we ask to specify us el.mail-mail-box, for more effective and pleasant work for users of our system. For example: delivery of notices on goods purchase, restoration of yours lost the data, support users.

Files cookie - when you come on a site, we send on your computer or the device one or several files cookie. Cookie is a small file which contains a line of symbols and serves as the unique identifier of your browser. Files cookie are used to raise quality of given services: to keep options of the user.

The magazine information - at the reference to service our servers automatically write down the information sent by your browser when you come on a web site. These magazines of a server can include such information, as your web inquiry, the IP-address, type and browser language, date and inquiry time, and also one or several files cookie on which it is possible to define your browser.

Other sites - the given Policy of confidentiality is applicable only to service We do not supervise sites which are engaged directly in payment of your accounts. These sites can place on your computer own files cookie, collect the data or request of you the personal data.


Possibility to refuse granting of the personal data

The majority of browsers are initially adjusted on reception of files cookie, however you can dump these options and specify, that the browser blocked all files cookie or notified on sending of these files. However, probably, some functions and will not work properly if to disconnect files cookie.

You can refuse sending of the personal data in any our service, however in this case there is a probability that cannot render you corresponding services.


Access granting to the information gives access to personal given other companies and the private persons who are not concerning the company, only under the following limited circumstances:

At us is on this your consent. For transfer of any confidential information your obvious consent is required to us.

We give the such information to our affiliated sites, and also other entrusted organisations and persons only with a view of processing of the personal data from our name. We demand, that at processing of the similar information these third parties followed our instructions and observed the Policy of confidentiality, and also took others necessary for protection of confidentiality of measures.

We have sufficient bases to believe that access, use, preservation or disclosing of such information it is necessary for (a) observance of any laws in force, decisions, requirements of legal process or lawful governmental inquiry, (b) observance of operating Conditions of granting of services, including investigation of potential infringements, (c) detection and prevention of roguish actions, and also the decision of problems of safety and elimination of technical malfunctions or (d) protection against direct threat of causing of a damage to the rights, to the property or safety to a resource, its users or the public as it is required or is permitted by the law.

We can give to the third parties certain parts of the summary information of impersonal character, such as quantity of users, the statistican of attendance, or number of clicks on a certain way of payment. By means of the such information it is impossible to identify you personally.


Information protection

We take all necessary measures for protection of the data against wrongful access, change, disclosing or destruction. Internal check of processes of gathering, storage and data processing and security measures, and also measures on maintenance of physical safety of the data for prevention of wrongful access to systems in which we store the personal data here enters.

We give access to the personal those workers given only for whom this information is necessary for operation, working out and improvement of our services. These persons are obliged to carry out of obligations on observance of confidentiality and can undergo to collecting, including cancellation of the contract and suit if they break the given obligations.


Integrity of the data

We process the personal data only in those purposes for which their gathering, and according to the given Policy of confidentiality or other operating notes on confidentiality for concrete services was carried out. We regularly check our processes of gathering, storage and data processing to provide gathering, storage and processing only that personal data which are necessary to us for granting and improvement of our services, or for other purposes provided by the given Policy of confidentiality. We take well-founded measures to provide accuracy, completeness and an urgency of the personal data collected by us.

Having received the official complaint in writing, we consider as the debt to contact the user who has sent the complaint concerning its claims or fears. We will co-operate with corresponding regulating bodies, including the local representatives of the power who are responsible for protection of the data, for the decision of questions of transfer of the personal data which cannot be resolved between us and the private person.